3D Modeling Services

Makelab offers 3D Modeling Services to build 3D CAD files based off of your design mockup

Step 1: Consultation

Unsure of where to begin? Click the button below to fill out our Project Request form to connect with us. From there, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss project goals, inspiration, and material options.

Step 2: 3D CAD File Creation

Provide us with your design schematics, technical drawings, reference images, and design requirements to get started. Give feedback on our iterations and we will work to bring your project to life!

Step 3: Ready for 3D Printing

At this stage we've reached the end of the 3D Modeling process and we will deliver a 3D printable file so you can start making.

Ready to Get Started?

FAQ Section

Can you create a 3D Model based off an object I send or bring to you?
Yes we can! If you have a physical model you'd like for us to replicate and 3D print, please fill out our Inquiry form to get started. From there, we can find a time to meet in person or via Google Hangouts or phone to talk more about your project and needs.

During our initial consult, we will analyze the best method to go about recreating your prototype. We may approach the project in a few ways, we could scan it or model it from scratch.

During this initial phase of the project, we will need to keep your object for reference. We will gladly give it back after the project has successfully finished. You will also receive the 3D model we created to re-use freely.

To get started, please fill out this inquiry form: https://makelab.nyc/inquiry
How much do your 3D modeling services cost?
We charge $115/hr for 3D modeling services. To get started, please navigate to our inquiry form at: https://makelab.nyc/inquiry
How long does it take to 3D model something?
It depends. If your object is relatively simple, straightforward, with few variables to figure out, it may only take a few hours to 3D model your part. This also depends on the complexity of the geometry.

If your object has a few engineering variables that need to be accounted for or solved, it may take a little longer.

Regardless, we have a turnaround time of 2-3 business days for 3D modeling projects.

To get started, please fill out this inquiry form: https://makelab.nyc/inquiry
What if I don't like what you 3D model?
Luckily, we offer one free revision with any 3D modeling project! At this time, it is important you take the time to evaluate whether our work has checked off all the boxes for your project's needs. If you require more revisions, we charge an hourly rate of $115.

We are a team of industrial designers and engineers, we understand the importance of product development and design. That is why during this process, we make sure to stay on the same page with design/engineering intentions to prevent any mishaps or miscommunication.
Do you offer refunds on design services?
We do not offer refunds on design services. Because any design project is very collaborative, we don't offer refunds. We expect that you will help to guide the project to success with your creative vision and direction. There should be no surprises from us 🙂

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