Reliable 3D Printing

Have a 3D CAD model ready? Upload it and get a quick 3D Printing quote now

Step 1: Upload your 3D Model

Navigate to our Makelab Portal and simply drag and drop your model into the upload box. Our software will automatically repair any small issues with your file and get it ready for quoting.

Step 2: Choose your Project Settings

Select your preferred material(s), quality settings, quantity, and production timeline. If you're unsure of the best settings for your project, fill out our Project Request Form and we'll consult with you to make sure you get what you need from your 3D print.

Step 3: Happy Printing

You're all set! Your order is now being 3D Printed and we will notify you as soon as it is ready for dispatch.

3D Printing Materials Consultation

Need help choosing the right material? Consult with our team and we will help you find the perfect fit for your project.

Precision Parts 3D Printing

Obtain extremely precise parts with a dimensional accuracy as low as 25 microns, or 0.025 mm.

Volume Manufacturing

From 1-1000 parts, reach out to our team with your project requirements and we'll guide you through our volume manufacturing process.

Post Processing

No need to worry about supports, rafts, or any other extra material needed during the 3D Printing process. Your model will be support free and all scarring will be sanded down before handing it off to you.

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  • Full Color Sandstone

    Color-representative powder-based material for full color models. No supports needed.

  • High Temp Resin

    High detailed, functional material with heat deflection temps of 238C

  • Castable Wax Resin

    Functional wax-resin used for investment casting

  • Nylon

    Strong and precise powder-based material for functional prototyping. No supports needed.

  • Elastic Resin

    Elastomer resin simulating 50A silicone

  • Grey Pro Resin

    High precision material for concept modeling and functional prototyping

  • Rigid Resin

    Glass-reinforced resin with high stiffness and great surface finish

  • Flexible Resin

    Rubber-like elastomer resin simulating 85A hardness

  • Durable Resin

    High precision resin simulating polypropylene (PP)

  • Tough Resin

    High detail resin simulating ABS properties

  • Standard Resin

    High detail prototyping resin for concept modeling

  • PLA

    Basic and cost effective material

  • General Purpose Resin

    Fast and accurate material for rapid prototyping and manufacturing jigs & fixtures

  • ABS-Like Resin

    Similar to ABS, a versatile, tough, and rigid material.

  • Elastomeric-Like Resin

    Highly elastic, tear resistant and resilient material. Similar to TPU or TPO

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