About Makelab

Makelab is a next-gen 3D printing service enabling customers to create, iterate, and prototype faster. We employ designers and technical experts and provide in-house prototyping to provide you the complete end-to-end assistance you need to make your idea happen.

We seamlessly bring ideas off screens and into real life. From the one-person garage operation to a global corporation making the next big thing, we help businesses of any size get something in their hands fast.

We believe that the secret to success is loving what you do. That's why we are with you every step of the way offering guidance and input that will prove invaluable when you unbox your final print. We want your ideas to flourish, so if we spot room for improvement at any stage of the process we'll let you know and work through it together.

Getting creative really is that simple.
Office Location
325 Gold St
Brooklyn, NY 11201