Basic and cost effective material


An alternative to ABS, extra tough and great for functional parts

Standard Resin

High detail prototyping resin for concept modeling

Tough Resin

High detail resin simulating ABS properties

Durable Resin

High precision resin simulating polypropylene (PP)

Rigid Resin

Glass-reinforced resin with high stiffness and great surface finish

Grey Pro Resin

High precision material for concept modeling and functional prototyping

High Temp Resin

High detailed, functional material with heat deflection temps of 238C

Flexible Resin

Rubber-like elastomer resin simulating 85A hardness

Castable Wax Resin

Functional wax-resin used for investment casting


Strong and precise powder-based material for functional prototyping. No supports needed.

Full Color Sandstone

Color-representative powder-based material for full color models. No supports needed.