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Our goal is to free creativity from the messy and technical hassle of maintaining a 3D printing schedule, to increase business opportunities by drastically reducing the time to market.

Step 1: Design

Design your 3D CAD model or hire us to help you out.
Save it as an .STL or .OBJ file and we'll make sure it's printable

Step 2: Order

Contact us through our Makelab Customer Portal to get an instant quote, or fill out our 3D Print Request Form and we'll reach out to you!

Step 3: Print

Once we receive your 3D CAD model, we'll perform a check to make sure it is printable. If there are issues, we will reach out to you and troubleshoot!

Step 4: Dispatch

Good news! Your project is complete! Now we will either ship your 3D Print(s) or arrange a pickup with you.

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